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LADY HUNTERS - 6 AWARDS, and coming to the WEST COAST!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Supporters, Family, and wonderful Fans! Following a fantastic 2018 introduction to the festival circuit, from Orlando to Toronto, to Buffalo to Columbus, to Kansas City to Atlanta, to good 'ol NYC, I'm thrilled to announce LADY HUNTERS will have its Los Angeles Premiere this April!

LADY HUNTERS kicked off 2019 crossing the border (and the pond!) with screenings in London and Toronto. This APRIL 5th, actors Lara Buck Antolik, Roy J. Buck (the guy we kill!), and I will be in attendance as an Official Selection in the Utah Film Festival, then I head to Santa Monica for our LA Premiere in the Artemis Film Festival APRIL 28th! I'm so eternally proud and thankful for the incredible team who made this film with me. WE'VE WON 6 AWARDS so far, and we're just getting started with a busy 2019 season and more festivals to come!

... with nominations for: Best Short Film, Best Thriller Short, Best Performance, Indie Spirit, Best Short Film, and Best Director.

More than ever, thank you so much to our beautiful subscribers - your support means so much to the success of this film!!!

FEATURE SCREENPLAY IN DEVELOPMENT! We've met so many people along the way who want to see more of our three heroines in action, rootin' out the bad guys and kickin' their butts! And we aim to give it to 'em!

AND ... Oh, hey, PERKS! I finally learned how to burn a blue ray disc (ie. asked our stupendous executive producer David Bertoni), the stars of the film are signing posters this week (got co-star Marianne Hardart's autograph today in NYC, then bringin' 'em to Utah for Lara's and Roy's), so we can get our fundraising perks to you, our awesome supporters, this season!

Thank you again! More to come!



#WomenKickAss #Revolution #NYWIFT #ArtemisFilmFestival #UtahFilmFestivalandAwards

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