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A Most Powerful Film

We Are Moving Stories

Lady Hunters is honored to be recognized as one of the Most Powerful Films about Rape. Thank you Carmela Baranowska at We Are Moving Stories, for including us with these incredible films and filmmakers.

“Once upon a time three mothers killed a wolf.” Three best friends on a moms’ weekend retreat learn a heinous gang rapist has been released from prison nearby. Incensed by the atrocious nature of the crime against a teenaged girl, and incarceration of only one of the perpetrators, the women find themselves novice killers and arbiters of justice.

Writer, director, producer, co-star Angela Atwood:

“The film is a black comedy thriller. That game-changing weekend (IRL with Lara Buck years before), we found ourselves fantasizing, entertaining ourselves improvising ways we’d punish rapists if we had the opportunity, usually with rather violent results that had us rolling with laughter at the same time. It was extremely therapeutic! Audience reactions, and their faces and enthusiasm after screenings tell me the film has that effect on them as well”


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