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Lady Hunters comes to DETROIT, BUFFALO, ATLANTA, and ORLANDO! Thanks to YOU!

Dear Supporters, Friends, Family, Crew, Cast, Colleagues, & Lovers of Lady Hunters,


HOLY BANANAS, I JUST SAID THAT! Every one who gave dollars, time, talent, credit card numbers, advice, work flexibility, foot rubs, advice ... I'm humbled, grateful, and excited to announce Lady Hunters is coming to DETROIT, BUFFALO, ATLANTA, and just announced --- ORLANDO! Nominated for Best Short Film, Best Writing, Best Short Thriller, Best Performance (our lovely Marianne Hardart!), Best Indie Spirit (Yay Supporters!), Best Thriller, and Best Socially Conscious Narrative (Laraaaahhhhhhh! and hey hey Laurettaaaa)!!!, and already won Best Adventure Short!

Before embarking on the festival circuit to share this baby with audiences across the country, I must express my deep, deep gratitude to you and my amazing partners Lara Buck, and David Bertoni. Lara and I were together the moment of conception - just after the Cosby news hit, November 2014. With her enormous talent, heart, and a butternut squash, she made me laugh at a time when our inscrutable, terrible status quo was especially daunting. Lara was on-board, and the script already written, when I met David. He shot our fundraiser, and has been my steadfast partner ever since. They stuck it out when things got a little wobbly in the beginning, and then stayed when things got even wobblier throughout development (e.g. Storm Stella delaying both their flights to the shoot) ... as our fantasy became an entity that employed other artists. This wouldn't ... could not have happened without Lara and David. This MOVIE. A black comedy thriller, conceived in the Catskills, shot in the Adirondacks, tax-exempted by Fractured Atlas, and camera-granted by Panavision, about three moms who become an accidental vigilante death squad. We premiered in KC, NYC, and Toronto. Heading now to festivals around the country, and hopefully soon around the world and internet, THANKS TO YOU.

Lady Hunters is now an official selection in the Detroit Shetown Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival, the Orlando Film Festival, and Women in Horror Film Fest in Atlanta.

Feature screenplay in development.

Thank you, our beautiful wonderful supporters - you who've been with us since the beginning, co-creator artists, and friends we're making along the way. And Lara and David. We're on our way!

Thank you so much.



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