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The LADY HUNTERS Feature Screenplay: Table Read at William Esper Studio

Enormous thanks to the world-renowned William Esper Studio in Manhattan, and for the remarkable talents of these fine, fine actors, who dedicated their Saturday night to the developmental table-read of the FEATURE SCREENPLAY of Lady Hunters.

Lady Hunters Table Reading Actors

Front: Nicola Vasquez (musician), Lara Buck Antolik, Marianne Hardart, Angela Atwood, Thomas Hair ... Middle: Ilham Nalki, Julia Rosendale (make-up artist), Meg Heus, Lauretta Prevost (Cinematographer), Carolina Cobb, Paula Rossman, Alix Korda, Hunter Thore, Steve Carlsen, Johnny Peavy ... Rear: Jeffrey Wolf, Ryan Black, Kristina Osterling, John Frey (auditor) Photo: David Bertoni

Onward to Phase II for an ambitious Fall 2020 Shoot!

Lady Hunters co-stars Marianne Hardart, Angela Atwood, and Lara Buck Antolik

Co-stars: Marianne Hardart (Maya), Angela Atwood (Writer / Director / Hilde), and Lara Buck Antolik (Executive Producer / Eleanor)

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